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Bosch offers 2 types of leads, the Super Sports Range and the Motorsport range. If you demand greater engine performance from your vehicle, the Motorsport range will provide greater engine responsiveness, superior EMI/RFI suppression and higher reliability.

Both types are suitable for LPG and petrol vehicle applications and are able to withstand high under-bonnet temperatures.

By purchasing a Bosch starter motor or alternator, you’re investing in quality. For over 100 years Bosch has been at the cutting edge of electrical technology and continues to produce these market-leading products to the highest quality standards. Other options may be cheaper in the short term, however, when you purchase a genuine Bosch unit, you know you’re getting a quality product which will last the distance.

Unlike other brands on the market, all Bosch spark plugs are resistor spark plugs, as fitted by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Resistor sparkplugs avoid damage to expensive electronic components. They also protect engine management computers against electromagnetic interference. Bosch invented the spark plug and after 100 years experience in developing, testing and manufacturing spark plugs, it’s no surprise that Bosch spark plugs are recommended by vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

The installation of imitation fuel pumps can lead to fuel delivery trouble and to a drop in engine power due to insufficient fuel supply. This can cause premature failure of the fuel pump resulting in high repair costs. Bosch fuel pumps are manufactured to original equipment quality, ensuring a long service life. They also provide optimal and safe hot fuel delivery quantity every time you drive.

The Bosch brake pad range is divided into three categories:

Bosch Eco – General commuting and suburban driving.

Economical solution for most passenger vehicles. General recommended coverage – up to 10,000km’s

Bosch Qikstop – General commuting and suburban driving.

Higher performance solution for most passenger vehicles. General recommended coverage – up to 20,000km’s

Bosch Ultra – Vehicles towing or carrying heavy loads; light commercial applications; sports touring; 4WD/off-road; European vehicles. General recommended coverage – up to 30,000km’s

All filters should be changed according to the vehicles manufacturer’s recommendations or once a year. The importance of filters is frequently underestimated. For financial reasons, many motorists change filters less frequently than recommended and therefore unknowingly damage high-grade technical components of their car or neglect the protection of the vehicle components from pollutants. Bosch filters which include fuel, oil, air and cabin filters have an optimum balance between filtration efficiency and pressure drop. They are made of special micro-fibre paper impregnated with synthetic resin that separates up to 99% of all impurities.

This is definitely a possibility. It is wise to have your battery’s condition checked at your local Bosch Car Service Dealer. They will simulate high load conditions with a specialised tool and will also check the battery cable and terminals for cleanliness and wear. While the battery may need replacing it’s also important to have your alternator checked as well, as this is what’s used to maintain the charge in your battery under all conditions.

Bosch has three types of batteries for your consideration:

Bosch Battery S5: Premium energy for highest performance.

The Bosch Battery S5 provides the highest starting power, guaranteeing increased service life and safety. It surpasses international standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Even at extreme temperatures the S5 provides safe and powerful energy supply for highly sophisticated, energy consuming components.

Bosch Battery S4: Strong power for every car

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, each with varying electrical needs. The S4 meets the electrical demands of a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a dependable supply of power to keep the energy consuming components working properly at all times.

Bosch Battery S3: Economic power. Dependable starting.

The Bosch Battery S3 is an economic solution, suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks and other commercial vehicles with few energy consuming components. It provides dependable starting power and is maintenance free.

As with any rubber component, timing belts do age and wear over time due to factors such as mechanical, chemical, and heat demands inside the vehicle. A weak timing belt may break causing the camshaft in the engine to stop rotating, leaving the valves open and protruding into the cylinders. As this can cause major engine damage, it is recommended to replace your timing belt when it is due at the appropriate vehicle service. Of course, Bosch offers an extensive range of belts to fit most vehicles. They are designed for long life so you can be assured of the best possible safety against engine damage.

When fitting new glow plugs always test the timer is operating correctly.

Older engines used a glow period of up to 21 seconds. More modern engines have around a 6 to 8 second heat period and provide after glow at a reduced voltage. If the pump timing is not correct, or the engine is over fuelled, this can damage the glow plugs due to the increased vibration and heat.

The main reason ignition coils crack is due to uncontrolled primary current causing internal heat build up within the coil. This can be the result of an ignition module failure or an incorrectly specified coil or ignition module. Immobilisation switches on the coil negative can also cause this problem.


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